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19 Years and a day

Yesterday, the 19th of Ma­y, 19 years­­ ago, my mom passed away. And even though I remember every moment of this day like it was yesterday, I didn’t remember it – yesterday.

I remember my mom on her Birthday (like google does for all the famous people) and on Mother day. (Although for the most part I think about the Earth on Mother day).

19 years ago and a day, my mom passed away. Two weeks into my Saturn return (I didn’t know what that is at the time) and 40 days later I left the country I was born into and grew up at (in this life time) and moved to the south of France.
A week later I visited the states for the 1st time (in this life time), the Silicon Valley to be precise for a 4 weeks business trip. I’ve stayed in Santa Clara for 3 weeks followed by a week conference in San Francisco.

For the first couple of years I remember the date kinaesthetically, I was sad before I could remember why.

Now what I remember is my brother anniversary on the 20th. Maybe I rather celebrate the living than remember the dead.

So 19 years, aha and what do I have to show for it?

Maybe it started a year earlier when I got the customer-facing role and I’ve travelled all over Europe and Asia 1 to 3 weeks trips, at a time.

And every time I was away I was free. Free from the fears, the dread, the sadness, free from the feeling, physical sensations of pain, dreams / nightmares. And every time I’ve landed they all came rushing back.

The fears that my mom is dying, that she can pick up on my fears of her dying and it will somehow effect her condition. Already then I was aware of the power of the mind over the body and suggestions, positive and negative suggestions. So I was afraid she will pick up on my own thoughts and that will convince her that she is dying and she will die.

I didn’t know what a ‘sensitive’ is at the time or an ‘Empath’ or that I am one.

All I knew, I can feel my mom despair from miles away, I found out that I woke up every morning at the same time as she did, having nightmares and suffered similar physical symptoms as she did. I was literally thinking her thoughts, feeling her emotions, and sensing her pain. And when I left the country on business trips I was free. And when I landed the ‘nightmare’ returned.

So I remember every minute of the day my mom died and I knew the minute she passed away. I could feel her leaving my psychic. And the following night was so quiet since I couldn’t hear her thoughts anymore.

My sensitivity and empathy were tested to the extreme; I was baptised by fire. And years later when I learn what that mean, I had a reference point, an experience to relate to.

So 19 years ago and a day, my mom passed away and 40 days later I’ve left the country I was born into and moved to the south of France. A week later I visited the US for the first time, the Silicon Valley to be precise and now I am back in the Valley looking to make it my home.

I’ve started writing this piece, thinking, what do I have to show for the last 19 years. I don’t have my own home (at the moment) or a job (yet) or a significant other (yet), what all this hero’s journey was about?

And then I wrote the word ‘Empath’.

This wasn’t a hero’s journey to getting my “white picket fence”, it was/is a hero’s journey of becoming who I am.

RIP Mom,

I AM!!


Love you Mom!!

                    Love yourself,


I’ve googled some definitions for you :-)

Empaths are highly sensitive, finely tuned instruments when it comes to emotions. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less apt to intellectualize feelings. Intuition is the filter through which they experience the world.

The Hero’s Journey is a pattern of narrative identified by the American scholar Joseph Campbell that appears in drama, storytelling, myth, religious ritual, and psychological development.

According to western astrology when Saturn “returns” to the degree in its orbit occupied at the time of birth, a person crosses over a major threshold and enters the next stage of life. In the first Saturn return, a person leaves youth behind and enters adulthood.

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What’s below is above

What’s below is above by Leor Noham

July 2014

I laugh when I dance with you
And cry when we make love
Don’t ask me why

what’s below is above

I can feel when you think of me
And long for your touch
Don’t ask me why

what’s below is above

Sky under our feet
Flowers floating above
Stars and clouds pave our way
Singing about love

I can dance when you laugh with me
And hug you when you love
Don’t ask me why

what’s below is above

My heart expand when I think of you
Feeling warm fuzzy buzz
Don’t ask me why …

What’s below is above


© Leor Noham and, 2009-2015.

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Let the light chase away the darkness

The first recorded poem I ever wrote was about peace. I was shy of ten.

In one of my earliest free-topic essays I wrote for elementary school, I’ve described a utopian world where there are no borders and everyone speak the same language so they can understand each other. (Not unlike ‘Imagine’ of John Lennon. Although I didn’t know him or was familiar with his work, at the time).

Today I have the understanding that what we perceive is what we project, consciously and unconsciously, individually and as a collective, as a community, as the human race.

Still I find it hard to consolidate my understanding of the energies at play with my perception and emotions.

This poem is not written through the eyes of an innocent child. However, it is not without hope.

Let the light chase away the darkness starting with ourselves. Handle with care, love and a large dose of compassion.

Love yourself,

Love your neighbours.



Let the light chase away the darkness

by Leor Noham July 2014

When the sounds of war
roam the land
I want to offer words of solace to you

 About a dying age
and winds of change
But the old energy is fighting in me too

 Instead of leaving my mark,
I’m departing again
From another attempt
to plant some roots

 A tarot card warning
about clinging to the past
still play in my head
like a broken tune

 The sounds of war
never left the land
I’m not sure how to offer solace to you

 And a young generation
bringing winds of change
The old energy still fighting me too

Gaia calling out my name
From the places I’ve walked before
through my lives

 The winds whispering the tales
How new generations

will end tears and strife

 When the sounds of war
bellow through the land
I look for some solace in you

 Tell me again about a dying age

and how Light

can bring


to me



© Leor Noham and, 2009-2014.



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The Centaur

In astrology Sagittarius is depicted by the Archer, a half-man, half-horse Centaur like creature. This supposed to represent the Sagittarius attempt to free itself from its animal nature.

The centaur in mythology symbolises the development of the human soul: animal natures and desires of man vs. spiritual aspirations. You don’t need to take on mythology or believe in astrology to appreciate the symbolism of the centaur and see it mirrored in our life here on earth.

Are we just flesh and bone, mammal creatures? Or are we more than that? Consciousness embodied in a human body?

It is not about freeing ourselves from our human body, it is about appreciating all aspects of our existence. Written with and inspired by love.

Love yourself  – your human body and eternal soul  <3



The Centaur by Leor Noham

June 2014

When I’ve connected with you
My soul soar
Have I met you before?

 When I’ve said I love you
It came from the heart
There’s no endgame or start

I’ve got confused about consolidating
the Archer with the Horse
Jumble of emotions and sensations
running off course

 When I’ve connected with you
I’ve unlocked a door
Did we love before?

 In another time?
Another space?
A different place?

 Spending time together
Jumpstart my heart
where passion ignite

 Horse’s racing
Archer shooting arrows
to the sky above Telling stories
of friendship and love

 When we connect
My soul soar
Have we met before?

 The archer and the horse
riding once more

The spirit of The Centaur.


© Leor Noham and, 2009-2014.

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To All The Towns I’ve Called My Home

In this lifetime I’ve lived in 3 different continents, 5 different countries, 10 cities and visited countless more.
In many places on Earth I feel/felt at home whether I was visiting or living there.

Making yet another move made me reflect on the way I feel towards those places and where do I call home.

This song is dedicated to all the towns I’ve lived in and it is written to the tune of Hal David and Albert Hammond song “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before”.

You will notice, as it seemed fitting, I’ve kept the repeated chorus as it is :-)

Love yourself


To All The Towns I’ve Called My Home by Leor Noham

November 2013

To all the towns I’ve loved before
To those I’ve travelled to and more …
I’m glad I came along
I dedicate this song
To all the towns I’ve lived before

To all the towns I once embraced
And may I say I did my best
For helping me to grow
I owe a lot I know
To all the towns I’ve called my home

The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stay
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away

To all the towns who’ve changed my life
Who’re giving someone else advice
I’m glad they came along
I dedicate this song
To all the towns I’ve called my home

Jerusalem who was my first
From Bible verse to strife and thirst
You live within my heart
I’ll always be a part
Of all the towns I’ve lived before

The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stay
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away

à Juan-les-Pins sur la mer
Et que la première aventure
I am glad I came along
And made you my home
For one year by the shore

When London calling I respond
Through time and space she was my home
She weaved into my heart
With blues, light and art
From all the towns I’ve loved before

The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stay
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away

To all the towns I’ve left behind
To those I travelled to sometime …
I’m glad I came along
I dedicate this song
To all the towns I adore …

The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stay
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away

To all the towns I call my home
On Planet Earth below the Moon
I am giving you my heart
I’m ready for a fresh start
To learn a new place to love  


© Leor Noham and, 2009-2014.

This post is about channelling light, specifically working with divine feminine and divine masculine. It is based on my personal experience so please read the “warning label” first. :-)

!!”Warning Label”:
1. Do not believe anything I say, experiment for yourself.
2. Do try it at home, in the shower, in bed, while washing the dishes, brushing your teeth, in the park, by the river, on public transport, in a busy train station.
3. Best to refrain from practicing while operating machinery or holding sharp objects, until it become second nature.

I have been sensitive to energy ever since I can remember myself. And I have been channelling energy and information in irregular, for the most part, involuntary manner. That was the case until I’ve studied Huna or more accurately Ho’omana about 13 years ago.

The use of flowing fire, water and air for the purpose of healing and creating change came naturally to me. Channelling light was a natural choice.

Energy, like the force in Star Wars, can be used for good or bad. It is a matter of intent. So why not use the highest vibration of energy to work with – which is light.
When you are sensitive to energy, you can channel everything the good and the bad, the low and the high. So in addition to intention, it is a matter of awareness and will.

The light, you can call it the divine or love, encompass everything, the feminine and the masculine. So why focus on either?

It is about fine-tuning of the energy, focusing on specific attributes, refining, bringing forward specific frequencies of the light itself. The same way that use of fire and water play different parts in the healing/change process and in the same way different symbols of Reiki have different purposes.

Channelling specifically divine feminine and divine masculine brings forward to Earth divine masculine and divine feminine. It transforms the masculine and feminine on earth and the relationship between them, both on an individual level as well as on a collective one.

You might, rightly point, that spirit has no gender, so why do we need to work with divine feminine and divine masculine, separately?
Spirit has no gender, true, but we do. And personally, I feel the world would have been a boring place without men to play with ;-)

By working with both, divine feminine and divine masculine we integrate those energies inside us. We evolve our own feminine and masculine. And since we can only really change ourselves that is what we can do to create balance.

When I’ve started working with divine feminine and divine masculine, I felt nothing, nothing!! Which I found highly frustrating, being sensitive to energy, and working with energy for years, how come I feel nothing? At least, being a woman I should feel something when channelling divine feminine, right?

Tenacious and probably stubborn, as I am, I’ve decided to practice every day, and in optimum conditions. Ever day, when the sun was high, I went to the green, set on the ground and practice channelling divine masculine and divine feminine for half an hour. I’ve started with channelling light, then divine masculine and then divine feminine.

You don’t really need to feel anything. Some people who channel energy, never do. But I expected to feel something. I always do. And as human we want prove, I wanted prove, that something is happening, that I do it right. And did I mention being stubborn?

After two weeks, nothing happened. And one evening I was on my way to a dancing festival. I choose the wrong route and ended up being late, on a tube line I am not used to take. The carriage full with people I don’t use to see. I was sitting squeezed between two other passengers. And I had a choice. I could fret about being late or close my eyes and start doing energy exercises.

I didn’t really expect results. I wasn’t sitting crossed legs on the green with the sun shining and I was surrounded by people. I usually find people distracting when it comes to channelling energy, picking up on their energy more often than not.

This time, will and intent did the trick. Channelling light first, divine masculine second. And then I felt it. I could feel the divine masculine flowing through me. I was so overjoyed I’ve almost shared it with the people sitting next to me.

Divine masculine felt like strong serge going through the core of my being, it felt like will. The best word I had to describe it was ‘will’. I have learned ‘will’ is masculine. ‘will’ leads to action, action is yang and yang is masculine. But to feel the divine masculine energy as will, put a complete different spin on the meaning of the word.
And as I kept practicing, each day, I’ve noticed the divine masculine, when I am lying down, realigning my spine and stretching it. Giving a totally deeper meaning to the words spineless and backbone. When I was sitting I could notice it make my core stronger, my energy more condense, similar to the feeling muscles have after a workout.

It took me a little bit ( frustrating ) longer to feel anything, channelling divine feminine. But when I did, divine feminine felt like flowing, dancing and expansion. When I’ve channelled both, divine masculine was a rod in the core of my being and the divine feminine dancing, flowing, wrapping around it.

Further observations of channelling divine feminine and divine masculine, revealed that the divine masculine helped me transform un-evolved, or what I perceived as un-evolved feminine attributes such as loneliness, not belonging, unloved, neediness, feeling weak. And channelling divine feminine helped with un-evolved perceived masculine attributes such as fear, need to control, need to know, anger, there’s a right way.

That puzzled me for a while. Not the fact that channelling divine energy transforms un-evolved attributes. As the hermetic philosophy teaches, you counter the lower vibrations with the higher ones. And I could see it in action, which was beautiful.

I did expect though, the divine feminine to transform the feminine and the divine masculine the masculine. But it does ring true. We exhibit un-evolve feminine attributes when we lack masculine energy and un-evolve masculine attributes when we lack feminine energy.

Since then I’ve been noticing the effects channelling divine feminine and divine masculine have in my life, in my work with clients, and in the life of my students. I marvel at the nature of the energy, every time I channel it. And I look forward to more divine feminine and divine masculine in my life.

I invite you in bring more of the divine, specifically the divine feminine and divine masculine into your life. And watch it transform your life.

Love yourself,

                               Love energy,


I practice is in Chiswick and Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms in Richmond.

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I also run the Chiswick Light Channelling group, which teaches participants, through a series of exercises to channel light, for their own self-healing, and the healing of the planet. The next course starts on Wednesday 10th of April.

Please reserve your place in advance by contacting

© Leor Noham and, 2009-2013.

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How Do I Love?

♥ Inspired by blues dancing and energy work ♥

How Do I Love? By Leor Noham

 October  2012

How do I love?
Like a slow blues song
With the richness and the depth
of the melody

How do I love?
Like a slow blues dance
Taking time to feel
the threads of energy …
building between us.

 My friends want me to act,
ask me to find out …

 My love is like water,
Flowing slowly,
Building gradually.

 Deep rich melody
Taking time to feel,
sense, listen …
Watching energy.

 How do I love?
Like a slow blues song
My love is like water,
flowing ~

 And my desire …

My desire …

Is like



Love Yourself – Love ♥


© Leor Noham and, 2009-2013.

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Before and After and In-Between

A post about love, loosing weight, the way to the heart and Lion Cubs.

In February 2009 I lost my job due to organizational changes. It wasn’t the first time my job become redundant. I become quite used to the prospect of redundancy. It was the first time though, that I was really, really happy about it; I was relieved;

You see, I was doing what I love; I was training people, in something that I used to love and still fond of, IT. And I hated it!! I was under so much stress and pressure that I hated doing what I love and good at.

Maybe the story started three weeks before Christmas 2008.

I love December, all the parties, the Christmas lights and best of all my Birthday. :-)

And I was stuck in Wakefield (no offence, Yorkshire people). But being stuck in hotel room during the three weeks before Christmas, configuring 12 sets of equipment for class, it is not my ideal way of spending my favourite time of year, leading up to my birthday. Not to mention missing all the Christmas parties.

Having nothing to do in the evening, as my hotel was literally in the middle of nowhere (again, no offence, Wakefield fans), I watched TV and ate biscuits (the hotel-room kind). I saw the program “How to look good naked” with Gok Wan, which was to my surprise, quite good. I was impressed as I usually don’t watch live TV. Got spoiled with cables and DVR’s recording capacity (mainly watching sci-fi and Disney channel).

I have been trying to loose weight since I came back from the US, but what with the traveling and the pressure, I didn’t quite get it. My Wi-Fit announced that I was obese. I didn’t see it. The extra weight kind of spread equally, around my body. I called it voluptuous. I concluded that the Wi-fit is wrong. Of course I need to loose weight and get fit, but obese is such an extreme word.

I got home, encouraged by all the naked bodies on billboards. Got Gok’s book and treated myself to good lingerie for my birthday. Apparently you start looking good by wearing the right underwear. Bullshit!! (forgive my French).
I wore it to my birthday’s dinner, just before Christmas and I still looked like an over inflated balloon in all the pictures. I hated my pictures so much, that none of them left.

So here I am in February without a job, sitting on my sofa, “learning to become” a Star Trek officer and considered obese by my Wi-Fit animated balance board.
I did go to the Gym, even in the snow. I’ve walked there, for twenty minutes each way. I did use the Wi especially the boxing. I found it surprisingly satisfying to punch empty air.

And by March, I was pretty much “qualified” to serve on a Starship, the Wi enthusiastic, animated balance board, still considered me obese. And I had no idea what I would love to do. I had no idea what my passion was. I doubt if I even knew what being passionate means anymore. (Apart from, of course, watching Star Trek, all the different Star Trek shows, including the spin off ones like Deep Space Nine).

And there were the little things, like not liking myself in pictures, not being able to comfortably lean forward to tie my shoes. All this walking to the gym and punching virtual punch bag, didn’t change a thing.

So I made a decision, well actually I gave up on loosing weight and looking good.

I’ve decided to be healthy and find out what I love.

I set up a goal to love how I look in pictures, be healthy and find my passion.
Sod the Balance board. And I’ve stopped going to the Gym.

Every day I’ve walked to the river, set and wrote what I love. What I am passionate about.

I did the Master Cleanse. Read a book about raw food. Started a diet that I’ve ended half way through, right about the time I’ve finished reading the book and couldn’t bring myself to eat cooked food any more.

It took me few months to start doing Yoga. I was frustrated, as I was so flexible before, not to be able to reach my toes. Then I’ve discovered the fast forward button on the remote. If you can’t do a pose, just fast forward.

By end of July I was doing Yoga five days a week, I was maintaining my raw food diet and I’ve started loving my photos, even the ones with the over inflated balloon look.

My wi-fit might still have considered me obese, I didn’t always check. I loved my photos!!

I was getting more and more revelations about my heart, what my heart would love and I met people who taught me about connecting to my heart.

In 18 months of being on a 99 percent (more or less) raw food diet, I’ve lost 38 kilos (almost 6 stones!!) My wi-fit consider me now in the healthy range, although it still wants me to work towards 22 BMI. Yay.

And all through this time, leaving my flat, living at other people houses for eight months. Couch sleeping, cat sitting, dog sitting, child minding, I’ve continued with Yoga five times a week and a raw food diet. At some point I even went back dancing.

I found out what I would love: Art, writing, poetry, working with energy, helping other people finding their heart, creating the life they would love, helping other people finding strength from within, learning how to work with energy, heal themselves, teaching, mentoring, having a family, the planet, helping the planet, animals welfare, recycling, alternative energy, alternate dimensions. Creating a new planet for ourselves and for generations to come. Creating new systems for the planet.

Oh I definitely found my passion. Working with energy, dancing, blues dancing, dancing with men, men, they are so amazing. Women too (in a different way). And friends, good friends, new friends, overseas friends, trans-Atlantic friends. I found out that I love natural food and I would love to grow my own food. I love sprouting, juicing, smoothies, dehydrating. That is what I love, what works for me.

The journey led me to my blog where I also publish poems I write; to my website; to my light work practice and to the workshops I run.

The journey led me to accept who I am, who I was and where I came from. It enables me to be more then I was and to become my true self.

The journey to the heart is not necessarily easy or fast, but it starts with a choice. The choice is the first step on the journey.

The choice I’ve made was to be healthy, to love how I look in photos and to find out what I love.

It doesn’t mean that the journey is over, or I never put on weight. It doesn’t mean I don’t get afraid, sad or frustrated. It just means that my compass, my True North is pointing to my heart, to where my heart wants to go.

In 2007 I went to South Africa for a business trip. When I’ve travelled for business I used to send postcards to my nephew from all the places I’ve visited around the world. A way to connect with him, to share with him the love for adventure and exploration, the love for traveling, meeting new people and making new experiences. And I chose activities that I thought he would have loved to do.

One of those activities was visiting the Lion Park in South Africa, where you can enter the lion cubs’ enclosure and pat them. Since I didn’t love they way I’ve looked in the photos, I didn’t share the experience with my nephew.


So here I am, patting a lion cub :-)


February 2007 – The Lion Park / South Africa

Now I love my photos and who I was then. I look with love and compassion and see my innocence, no matter what my size was, or what the Wi-fit said. My nephews, my family and friends love me, no mater what my size is.

So in a month where people tend to make New Year’s resolutions, what choice will you make? What steps will you take? Will you choose to follow your heart? Taking steps towards what you love?

My opinions aside, I am not suggesting you choose raw food or stop going to the gym in favour of Yoga or Dancing. This is what I love, what works for me, I love natural food. You might love building airplanes (and if you into building starships, give me a call ;-))

I am suggesting, you make a choice, listen to your heart and the way will reveal itself.

Love your self – Listen to your heart,

                       With Love and Light,


 p.s. Scroll down for photos and additional information.

My practice is in Chiswick and Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms Richmond. To book a session and/or for 20 minutes free phone/skype consultation contact 07884418760 or

I run regular workshops in NYR Richmond TW9 1ND. The next one “Commit to your New Year’s Resolutions” is on the 5th of February. Contact NYR Richmond for details and to book your place 02089489248 or

I also run the Chiswick Light Channelling group, which teaches participants, through a series of exercises, to channel light for their own self-healing and the healing of the planet.

© Leor Noham and, 2009-2013.

More Photos – Before and After and In-Between


Left – June 2008 In a stressful job, hating doing what I used to love.
Right – June 2010 Embodying what I love ‘The goddess of Love”.
Middle – October 2011 Doing what I love, dancing!!
Taking part in Swing Patrol’s Performance Ball.


May 2010
Cool photo shoot.
Loving posing for photos. :-)


December 2012
Celebrating my birthday with friends.

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Bringers of Light, Emissaries of Change

The following poem was inspired by the Mind Body Soul experience I took part at, on 28,29 and 30th of September 2012 in London Olympia.

Exhibiting for the first time in such event and connecting with fellow booth owners in the treatment zone, illustrated to me how we share the same goals and direction, no matter where we come from.

And when I look at those lovely people eyes, I can see we are the same. I can see the same light, the same awareness, the same awakening.

This poem is dedicated to those beautiful people and anyone else who share our path.

Bringers of Light, Emissaries of Change

September 2012

 We come from different countries,
Yet, we follow the same path.
We carry with us the pitfalls and triumphs of our cultures,
some still living in the past.

We share the same vision.
We are Bringers of Light,
We are the Emissaries of Change.

I can see it in your eyes,
You can feel it in your heart.
We are here to create a new planet,
to make a new start.

We may have taken different paths,
Yet we choose to create a shared future.
We may have landed in different countries,
but we’ve decided to make our own communities.

We are the Bringers of Light,
We share the same vision.
We are the Emissaries of Change.

And we invite you to join us
and do the same
We are here to help a planet,
recreate itself.
We are here to honour all life on earth.
You can choose to join us,
lead the way.

We are the Bringers of Light
Emissaries of Change.


© Leor Noham and, 2009-2013.

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I Don’t Feel Like Tweetin’

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