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Posted by: leornoham | December 31, 2015

White Wings / Happy New Year

White Wings

December 2015

My wings were covered with soot and debris
from all the negative emotions that were weighting them down
Their once cotton-white colour
looked greyish-brown

I set on the sand with the waves washing over me,
One year departing as another emerging
I set on the sand practicing forgiveness
watching my body changing

With every anger I’ve release
my fists relaxed …
With every tear I shed
my sadness evaporated …

With every hate and jealousy I let go of …
With every guilt I’ve dropped …
My back straighten up and my wings …

My wings spread out wide behind me
Light and Bright and White!!

Happy New Year!!


Love yourself,  forgive the past, create a future you love

Happy New Year


© Leor Noham and, 2009-2016.

Posted by: leornoham | September 11, 2015

11th of September – forget or remember

Sitting here in Richmond B.C. at a friend’s place, looking over the garden, where white and yellow butterflies are flirting with the fountain, I was thinking about this day and the meaning of this day to so many people.

I keep seeing posts on Facebook ‘never forget’ and besides wanting to correct that to something along the lines of ‘ … remember’ for linguistic reasons, I was wondering about what is it that they want to remember, want us to remember.

What is it that I remember?

I remember living in a small flat in London at the time. I wasn’t working and I didn’t have a television (by choice, not related). It was late afternoon / early evening and I saw online that something had happened. I went to the Gym to watch it on the telly. I remember the shock, mine and on other people faces. I remember how surreal it all looked and felt, like watching a dooms day movie. Later, hearing people’s personal accounts, made it real.
The next 24 hours I hid at home. I couldn’t bear feeling everyone else’s emotions. I had enough dealing with my own. Just a few days prior I was considering moving to New York, another friend of mine who also works with energy, was dreaming about New York. It was as if we knew something massive is about to happen and many souls will need help crossing over, and many souls here on earth will need healing and love.

All I could do in the following days and weeks was to watch the news online and focus on sending love.

2 years later I’ve moved to New York. I met people who shared their own personal stories with me from that day, and their impressions of New York and New Yorkers before and after September 11: more raw, more vulnerable, more real and more helpful. There was a sense of community they haven’t felt before and it expressed itself during the big northeast blackout in the summer of 2003. At the same time, every large bang or incidents like a big hole opening in the middle of 3rd avenue  were freaking people out.

I’d be honest: The notion of memorial days doesn’t sit well with me, as well as monuments to the fallen.

In my high school there’s a wall for the fallen, all the graduates who got killed protecting the country. The list kept getting longer, and longer and when I’ve visited years later after I’ve graduated, I’ve recognised some of the names.

In the religion I was born to, the groom breaks a glass during the wedding to remember the destruction of the 2nd temple. In the country I was born, there’s a memorial day to the Holocaust and a memorial day for the fallen in battle, adjacent to Independent day.

The Commonwealth has poppy day, the UK remembrance Sunday. Many countries have memorial days and victory-celebrations’ days that lets face it, were earned with blood.

If we are to focus on what we love, in order to create more of that in our life – how as a collective we are to create love and peace on this planet if we, in each of our respective countries, keep remembering the wars, the fallen, where we were wronged by others and where we were victorious over them?

Maybe the question is not if ‘to remember or not?’ maybe the question is ‘what we have learned?’ from tragedy, from adversity? Did we close our heart and fortify our defences, or did we open our heart and learn compassion? And do we extend this compassion to all beings? Not just our tribe, our clan?

Love Yourself; Keep an Open Heart; Change the World;


♥ ♥ ♥

Posted by: leornoham | September 7, 2015

Every Child, Each Day

Every Child, Each Day

September 2015

There was a time when I would’ve loved to see you
It’s been so long that I forgot your smile
There was a time when I would’ve loved to hear you
I can’t remember your voice it’s been a while

There are trees on my pillow
And tears in my crib
There are rumours flying backwards
Where babies are conceived

There was a time when I’ve waited for you
Now the minutes have wings
Like Mercury they fly to the heavens
Where golden cherubs sing

I would have given in a heartbeat
All the riches the world brings
To save the child on the beach
And prevent your heart weeps

I wrote stories and composed poems
Painted the notes to a tune
My hands sculptured the words of a prophet
While my weapons lay marooned

There are clouds in my bed
A child tried to escape the war
Tears on my pillow
Pleading with us to do more

Waves are washing over,
Our dreams, our hopes, our heart
Kids with wings fly to heaven
Calling us to Love

Don’t judge me by my failures
Or the words I didn’t say
I would have given my life in a heartbeat
To save Every Child
Each day

“Make Love, Not War”


© Leor Noham and, 2009-2015.

Posted by: leornoham | May 20, 2015

19 Years and a day

Yesterday, the 19th of Ma­y, 19 years­­ ago, my mom passed away. And even though I remember every moment of this day like it was yesterday, I didn’t remember it – yesterday.

I remember my mom on her Birthday (like google does for all the famous people) and on Mother day. (Although for the most part I think about the Earth on Mother day).

19 years ago and a day, my mom passed away. Two weeks into my Saturn return (I didn’t know what that is at the time) and 40 days later I left the country I was born into and grew up at (in this life time) and moved to the south of France.
A week later I visited the states for the 1st time (in this life time), the Silicon Valley to be precise for a 4 weeks business trip. I’ve stayed in Santa Clara for 3 weeks followed by a week conference in San Francisco.

For the first couple of years I remember the date kinaesthetically, I was sad before I could remember why.

Now what I remember is my brother anniversary on the 20th. Maybe I rather celebrate the living than remember the dead.

So 19 years, aha and what do I have to show for it?

Maybe it started a year earlier when I got the customer-facing role and I’ve travelled all over Europe and Asia 1 to 3 weeks trips, at a time.

And every time I was away I was free. Free from the fears, the dread, the sadness, free from the feeling, physical sensations of pain, dreams / nightmares. And every time I’ve landed they all came rushing back.

The fears that my mom is dying, that she can pick up on my fears of her dying and it will somehow effect her condition. Already then I was aware of the power of the mind over the body and suggestions, positive and negative suggestions. So I was afraid she will pick up on my own thoughts and that will convince her that she is dying and she will die.

I didn’t know what a ‘sensitive’ is at the time or an ‘Empath’ or that I am one.

All I knew, I can feel my mom despair from miles away, I found out that I woke up every morning at the same time as she did, having nightmares and suffered similar physical symptoms as she did. I was literally thinking her thoughts, feeling her emotions, and sensing her pain. And when I left the country on business trips I was free. And when I landed the ‘nightmare’ returned.

So I remember every minute of the day my mom died and I knew the minute she passed away. I could feel her leaving my psychic. And the following night was so quiet since I couldn’t hear her thoughts anymore.

My sensitivity and empathy were tested to the extreme; I was baptised by fire. And years later when I learn what that mean, I had a reference point, an experience to relate to.

So 19 years ago and a day, my mom passed away and 40 days later I’ve left the country I was born into and moved to the south of France. A week later I visited the US for the first time, the Silicon Valley to be precise and now I am back in the Valley looking to make it my home.

I’ve started writing this piece, thinking, what do I have to show for the last 19 years. I don’t have my own home (at the moment) or a job (yet) or a significant other (yet), what all this hero’s journey was about?

And then I wrote the word ‘Empath’.

This wasn’t a hero’s journey to getting my “white picket fence”, it was/is a hero’s journey of becoming who I am.

RIP Mom,

I AM!!


Love you Mom!!

                    Love yourself,


I’ve googled some definitions for you🙂

Empaths are highly sensitive, finely tuned instruments when it comes to emotions. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less apt to intellectualize feelings. Intuition is the filter through which they experience the world.

The Hero’s Journey is a pattern of narrative identified by the American scholar Joseph Campbell that appears in drama, storytelling, myth, religious ritual, and psychological development.

According to western astrology when Saturn “returns” to the degree in its orbit occupied at the time of birth, a person crosses over a major threshold and enters the next stage of life. In the first Saturn return, a person leaves youth behind and enters adulthood.

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